About my work (part 1 of many, maybe)

So, I thought I'd share about some of my work in my blog - i guess that's literally what the blog is for, lol - and share it with you guys from spacehey. nobody's gonna see this, or even fathom to look into it, but anyways.

This blog's topic: "The Couple of the 42nd"

I had already talked about this in a bulletin post, but here i share it again. It's a short little love poem about a couple who are faced with many problems, because the protagonist, named Leonhard, is a white mexican, living in a town, where most of the people are darker-skinned, and many tourists that come into the town (which there come a lot) are not nice at all to the locals, so Leonhard is faced with the hurdle that is her lover's father.

i've been writing it for a few weeks now, and im loving it.

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