About my work (PART 2!!!)

This blogpost is about "The Lost Kingdom"

It's been my life project for the last two years, there's been many iterations, and most of the current canon lore is a really strange confusion of lore of all the past versions added with new contemporary shit.

after a devastating world war, revolutions carried out by a mysterious organization lead the king of one of the four kingdoms to leave his realm, but in this act, he forgets his crown, which is bound to the power of ruling his land, so if this mysterious organization gets to the crown first, the world would be ruined, so he calls up this other dude to get it recovered, but an ever bigger, more devastating world war occurs, and it although ends wells, it leaves a lasting impact on everyone.

after two years, i've only got half of the first part.

and i have to finish it before may 2025.

this finna be crazy

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