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Reading Challenge 2021

Category: Books and Stories

Hey Spaceheyers, I decided to do another reading challenge this year! This is something that I've been doing on-again/off-again for a couple of years. There are a lot of websites that do different reading challenge lists like this every year, but I like to create my own lists with a lot of categories that I come up with myself. This is how it works: Print out the reading challenge, or you can keep... » Continue Reading

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My Top Games 2020

Category: Games

Hey spacers, what a horrible year, eh? Anyway, here's a ranking of the games I've played this year. First, let's talk about which game gets my esteemed GOTY 2020 award. There were only three games that I played this year that I'd rate 10/10, but it was hard to choose the "best" among these three. Let me share my thoughts on each and why I did or did not decide to choose it as my GOTY . This game h... » Continue Reading

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In-Depth Recipe for Red Pepper Pesto

Category: Food and Restaurants

Hello fellow spacers, Today I will share my personal recipe for dang good Red Pepper Pesto with you. If you ever bought a jar of red pepper pesto from the store and thought that was alright, my Red Pepper Pesto will blow your mind. I'll try to go as in-depth as I can in explaining the different ingredients, so you can mix & match as you will. Cooking is the most fun when you create your own recipe... » Continue Reading

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