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"Traveling through time."

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Tabular dude! (Or using Tabs to display info on your profile.)

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Using tabs with only html and css is tricky, when clicked you navigate to the top of a hashed div strictly. However; If you add some clever margins and relatively place your links. You can make a nice tabbed display that eloquently scrolls me thinks. The panels stay hidden until you click an  < a > . The href is set to a div's id with a hash that way, Your browser navigates to /profile#id an... » Continue Reading

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Pining for diamonds.

Category: SpaceHey

An An handmade letter for me, My stickers came, in recently, How it found me in subspace saunter I'll never know, The letter must have been bound for my very soul! » Continue Reading

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Take a load off.

Category: Blogging

What do tissues and broken scales have in common? They both practically weigh nothing. » Continue Reading

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The Chronicles Of Griddick ( Or Using Grid To Change Your Profile Layout )

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Here today, I will demonstrate a way, of using a css grid type of display. /* =============== Layout =============== */ /* */ /* */ /* Contains both the left and right panels */ .profile  {    display :  grid ;    grid-template :      "left"      "right" ;    grid-column-gap :  10px ;    grid-... » Continue Reading

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Let the punishment begin.

Category: SpaceHey

Last year I made a gingerbread tavern instead of a house but couldn't eat it because it was inn edible. » Continue Reading

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