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I’m 19 y/o, fighter, and a Barb.

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Let's talk for a bit. ♡

Category: Life

DON'T change who you are for their benefit, you deserve better, you ARE better. Remember who you are and where you came from. Are you happy? Do you want to change? If you want to change, make sure you change for YOU! No matter what, try your best even if you fail, it's all about trial and error, everyone fails and tries again.  » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

Good morning or Goodnight, maybe good afternoon wherever you are ! I hope you slept well, having a good day, or had a good day. I know I slept well, getting ready for school, which I don’t like but it’s okay cuz I have like two classes to go too. Everyone behave theirselves, ion want people walkin around acting a fool in the social medierrrr, and don’t get posted on my blog.🥴 If you you ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

Goodnight to everyone who is going to sleep tonight. Please get some sleep, for me. It's good to be alive ! ♡ » Continue Reading

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Got it!

Category: SpaceHey

Figured out how to do it! I don't need help anymore! » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

I am so irritated; how do I do this layout stuff. I'm copying and pasting it into my about me and nothing is happening, is there something more. I'm assuming I need to type in my own stuff for the commands, but I don't know how. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!! » Continue Reading

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Homework n Self Worth

Category: School, College, University

I have all this homework to do, like ew. I hope everyone is doing well though. Stay in school girlz, boyz, nonbinary etc. Know yourself worth xoxo.  ♡ » Continue Reading

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