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Guide on keeping rent low

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

if you need to keep the rent low because ur poor and half broke just get a few friends with a buncha guns and then just go outside nearby and fire some shots off into the sky every few months its a good way to keep the rent low, now if ur not in the US then uhh idk ur screwed get someone who has one ig » Continue Reading

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Bullied for no reason fr

Category: Life

Average day on spacehey Ive witnessed at least 5 people getting targeted by new accounts being created craziest part is they didnt even do anything lmao » Continue Reading

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Reasons why the US government should adopt more communist/socialist beliefs

Category: News and Politics

AMERICA BABY WOOHOO ðŸĶ…ðŸĶ…ðŸĶ… commies go ruin someone elses country » Continue Reading

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Petition for NPCs of spacehey

Category: News and Politics

someone needs to come and yank this person by their collar and kick em off the platform pls cause im all for edgy humor but this gotta stop, theyre commenting on everyones blogs with just kys of stfu or whatever go report em ig.. also dont mind me being goofy in the screenshots  ðŸĪŠ User:  ℑð”ģð”ēð”Ŋð”Ķ 𝔙𝔞𝔊𝔭ð”Ķð”Ŋð”Ķ𝔞 [User profile links no longer needed.] not to mention all the other blogs theyve commented on (A... » Continue Reading

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What did we say

Category: News and Politics

HRMMMMMMMMM its almost as if the jokes make themselves its almost as if what we were saying was true » Continue Reading

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Issues with certain users

Category: News and Politics

Whats with the few people on here supporting pedos in the LGBTQ community by completely shutting people off by calling them bigoted or homophobic or whatever else they wanna label them with, its people like them that actually give the pedos a platform to stand on these are the types of people that just make it worse while seriously believing theyre the ones in the right and everyone else is "oppre... » Continue Reading

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Moufy for admin 2024

Category: News and Politics

 I will be a great   admin and I   promise I will   ban  everyone I   dislike it will   surely help the   website to   improve!! » Continue Reading

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Top 10 reasons why a cat should be president of the USA

Category: News and Politics

Reason 1: Cats won't start pointless wars Reason 2: They don't run their mouths and make me hate them like every politician Reason 3: They meow and that is cute Reason 4: They do not care about picking sides so they do whatever they want Reason 5: Cats don't understand the human language so they can never say or do anything wrong Reason 6: Cats don't need money so they wont take bribes from people... » Continue Reading

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