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Moufy for admin 2024

 I will be a great   admin and I   promise I will   ban  everyone I   dislike it will   surely help the   website to   improve!!

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Make Spacehey Great Again

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make him admin cuz he sexy

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by Moufy; ; Report

Rue ♡

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when u become an admin pls ban anyone that didn't come here if they aren't nostalgic for old internet or want to experience old internet

especially ban them if they came from twitter

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ill add that to my agenda

by Moufy; ; Report

and ban them if they are toxic entitled 12 year olds who call you nazis for simpily disagreeing with them

by XxKuraiDarkrainXx; ; Report

can do

by Moufy; ; Report


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yes i agree, moufy would be a great admin.

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thank you my loyal and definitely not paid off support

by Moufy; ; Report

keep supporting me and doing my bidding my little lab grown homunculus

by Moufy; ; Report

yes sir

by flew; ; Report