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A true about me

Category: Life

I've tried like 5 times to write this and every time within a few days or even hours i'd hate it and delete it so i'm trying to sit down now while i'm bored and write down as much random stuff about me that I can think of and hopefully add on in the future without deleting it so here goes I'm a 25 year old nb I read a good bit of manga especially romance series with my favorites being Love Me For ... » Continue Reading

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Relink Review

Category: Games

Ok so I have like actually no experience in doing any kind of reviews but I did say I wanted to do one so why not now? I mean technically I said i'd do it when I got Danchou's terminus weapon and finished the upgrade grind for it but i've since got Lancelot's and have been playing him so like it's fine it's basically the same thing So Relink is REALLY fucking good this game is genuinely addicting ... » Continue Reading

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