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A true about me

I've tried like 5 times to write this and every time within a few days or even hours i'd hate it and delete it so i'm trying to sit down now while i'm bored and write down as much random stuff about me that I can think of and hopefully add on in the future without deleting it so here goes

I'm a 25 year old nb
I read a good bit of manga especially romance series with my favorites being Love Me For Who I Am, We Don't Know A Thing About Love and The Experienced You The Inexperienced Me but I also read some shonen (Noragami BSD JJK and One Piece)
When it comes to play video games I play a lot of FFXIV TBoI and really enjoy Project Moon games Yume Nikki/Yume 2kki
I'm a pretty new fighting game player starting with GBVSR but trying to learn Tekken 8 as well
I also play GBF (Primal Earth player)

I tend to keep to myself but i'm not incapable of talking to people I just like being left alone a lot
I say this not in an edgy way but I lack empathy I find it very hard to care about other people or sympathize with them most of the time

My pfp is my OC (I will not go into the lore of here)

I'm too tired to add more now so uhhh
You should read Umineko and Higurashi

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