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Category: Blogging

i say the f slur and the t slur sometimes, if you're uncomfortable with that lmk!!  i probably won't post anything that needs tw's but if i do and i forget to put any, call me out on it so i can fix it!!  i'm a anarcho-commuinist and i am anti-capitalism, anti-state, and anti-cop, if you do not like that then pls don't add me!!  i'm not spiritual at all but i do respect those who are!!  if you are... » Continue Reading

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dni list!!

Category: Blogging

very simple with this one but dni if: - you support any type of bigotry and hate, i.e. racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, or ableism.  - you support any kind of pedophilia, make s*xual assault or r*pe jokes, or fetishize any minority group or groups of people in general.  - you're under the age of 13, i don't feel comfortable with people that young talking... » Continue Reading

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about me!!

Category: Blogging

hii i'm nico!!  i'm 17 years old. i'm a transgender guy that presents feminine sometimes, but i mostly just look like a dirt bag T-T i used to live in utah for a long time but i recently moved to maine, so if anyone from maine sees this, look at my first blog post!! :)  i love all genres of music, so i will take any recommendations and open to any discussions about music i love doing makeup, i reg... » Continue Reading

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want to make irl friends!!!

Category: Friends

i just moved to maine and i want to make some irl friends, so if anyone from maine sees this hmu!!! » Continue Reading

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