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about me!!

hii i'm nico!! 

i'm 17 years old. i'm a transgender guy that presents feminine sometimes, but i mostly just look like a dirt bag T-T

i used to live in utah for a long time but i recently moved to maine, so if anyone from maine sees this, look at my first blog post!! :) 

i love all genres of music, so i will take any recommendations and open to any discussions about music

i love doing makeup, i regularly do my makeup inspired by vkei artists!! but i do many different things with my makeup

my special interests are ateez, vkei, mcr, radiation poisoning, and chernobyl :) 

i'm planning on going to university for mortuary science and i want to open my own funeral service!! 

i'm a satanist, but i am open to all religions and beliefs here, i'm also open to learning about them!! 

will update if i think of anything else <3

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