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Opinions on Cantaloupe

Category: Writing and Poetry

Dylon does not like it. Sylvia ¨fucking loves cantaloupe¨ Gordon doesn´t like it, I don´t think. I can´t stand it. Terrie hates it. Ella likes it. Eli hates it. Gilly has never had it. Luna doesn´t like it. Henry LOVES it. Felix thinks it´s alright. Weaver is indifferent. Jazz thinks it is mediocre. Craig loves it. Angela is indifferent. Richard likes it, but prefers apple » Continue Reading

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Notebound Overture, Continued By Me, Membracelet

Category: Books and Stories

Hello, You may have read @Ohelluthere ‘s blog entries about Notebound Overture…. But if you haven’t, you probably should… Or else this will make Zero Sense. I’m just going to be expanding off of what zap said. Yes yes genres humanoid it’s there job and sole purpose to create art yes yes. However . Music abstinence and art block is a huge BONER KILLE » Continue Reading

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