Notebound Overture, Continued By Me, Membracelet

Hello, You may have read @Ohelluthere ‘s blog entries about Notebound Overture…. But if you haven’t, you probably should… Or else this will make Zero Sense.

I’m just going to be expanding off of what zap said. Yes yes genres humanoid it’s there job and sole purpose to create art yes yes.

However . Music abstinence and art block is a huge BONER KILLER in this world. Creative expression is just as essential to them as eating or breathing, and not doing it causes physical harm. Such as


-Nausea or vomiting 

-Change in appetite

-Weight gain or loss

-Mood changes


-Anxiety and panic attacks


-…. The like

Yeah so maybe don’t do that but some genres (I.E. Weaver and Muriel) are really stupid so they’re just like that I guess. When a genre abstains from their . Well. Genre. For so long, trying to pick it back up is 10x harder. It’s pretty simple to start it, but difficult later on. It’s not an easy reset. Everytime Muriel touches anything resembling an instrument, it gets hard to breathe, even if she doesn’t need to, and it feels like that object is on fire and she’s touching a burning hot stove. I actually wrote a short story…(?) about that lol . You don’t get it though sorry. Permanent physical and mental ailments can happen.

It’s not good for a genre mentally or physically. It’s literally their lifeline. It’s pretty frowned upon if you do this, which makes the shame and guilt and allover What The Hell of it all even worse.

So yeah thats it. This is really short. Babies first spacehey blog. Bye.

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