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Category: Friends

1. im a minor!!!!!!!!!! 2. ican make some specific jokes,.,ifthey makeu uncomfortable telme,. iwont dothem around u!! (and if u makeme uncomfortable,then illask nicely4u 2stop thatsall!!!) 3. MULTIFANDOM!!andif imnot ina fandom ulike or into justellme abt it!!! itllbe fun!! 4. imight rant alot aboutwhat ilikeor whatim into,,.soyeah!! rantings pretty silly imo.., 5. iplayroblox likeALOT!!! andif u » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

1. ifyer oldenough 2b mydad..thatisjustweird!!!!!!!!!! orjust old ingeneral,... 2. mean people! dontell me2 dostuff like.,yknow,,...meanstuff,. unless as a joke,but still...!! 3. using ";-;" casually/normally.,idk,itjusts bothersme,unless as a joke like "umm- ;-;" ,iused2think it was an annoyed face ngl 4. makinfun ofmy grammar!!unless as ajoke thasfine 5. h8ing/hatingroblox!!!!! bignono 4me,,ilov » Continue Reading

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I like scout from tf2.

Category: Life

I love Scout from tf2 plz I would do anything for Scout to be real I'd even go broke plzzzz if I saw Scout I would bark like an insane person I'm going CRAZY!!!! I think scouts nose is yummy and interesting I literally will draw it 50 times without putting a pencil down I'm sorry anyway back to scout yummy bod. he's so hot!!!!! i love Boston !!!!!!!!!! give me Scout now!!!! Im going to cry in real... » Continue Reading

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