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colourful profiles

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

is it just only me liking insanely c o l o u r f u l profiles » Continue Reading

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pepsi or cola

Category: Life

Pepsi or cola... choose wisely.....!!!! » Continue Reading

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Disko warp

Category: Music

hi yall!!! I wondered if any of my friedns in here listens to disko warp. I find disko warp's music fun, especially the song 'Erotic Chemistry'... sounds cool tho!!! i hope anyone else knows disko warp in here, and listens to the old albums. ●﹏● » Continue Reading

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blinkie, stamps, buttons collection for yall!!???

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

decided to show yall some blinkie stamps ubttons etc. collection from other websites/pages/threads... some of those might not work, but i have diggen deep through google to find em!!!! you can add something in da coomments!!! (TW, bright flashing colours, possible eyestrain) (giving all creds to people's webstite's and their collections!!) adrians blinkie collection  - blinkies, buttons an » Continue Reading

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Tf2 blinkies

Category: Games

is there any Merasmus tf2 blinkies yet?? I searched through EVERY tf2 blinkie website/page/thread, yet theres none of them... i wonder if i should make myself a few already... dam ☹ » Continue Reading

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