blinkie, stamps, buttons collection for yall!!???

decided to show yall some blinkie stamps ubttons etc. collection from other websites/pages/threads... some of those might not work, but i have diggen deep through google to find em!!!! you can add something in da coomments!!! (TW, bright flashing colours, possible eyestrain) (giving all creds to people's webstite's and their collections!!)

adrians blinkie collection - blinkies, buttons and stamps

plasticdino blinkies - just blinkies

toyhou blinkies - blinkies

cyber.dabamos gifs - buttons (TW for inappropriate imagery)

raining starss neocities - stamps, buttons, blinkies collection

neocities blinkies - blinkies

sparklelobster neocities - blinkies, stamps, buttons

y2k neocities - blinkies, stamps, buttons

allyratworld - stamps and blinkies and emote hoard - a website for blinkies (movies, games, cartoons, music etc.)

xXxTz3noxXx's blinkie collection spacehey blog - giving em credits for their collection

pushurt3mper rentry - buttons, stamps, blinkeis

voidpixels - pixels, blinkies - blinkies, stamps, buttons, pixels

yokai.crd - dividers, pixels

tomomi.neocities - dolls, pixels, dividers, blinkies

gothzone.neocities - avatars, dividers in the graphics section

gifs4c4rds.carrd - dividers, gifs

slipmoth.neocities/gravesite - blinkies, dividers, stamps (warning about slight gore like human hearts)

horrorgifs.neocities - gifs, backgrounds, music and more (not real gore warning)

bettysgraphics.neocities - arrows, bullet points, buttons, misc and more - blinkies

jebberz blog entry - gifs, images, dividers, blinkies and more... giving them a huge credit for this!!!

still can be edited sometime if new blinkie, button or stamp website found... if i accidentally made two same links, in this blog, im so sorry!!! have fun wi da blinkiez

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Tiger D. Avi

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Thank you so much aaaaaaaaaa

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tysm!!!!!<33333 luvthis
⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝♡

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thank you so much!! i found so many homestar runner decals on the first website, so i'm super grateful. i couldn't find any for the longest time. ToT

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nice content !! Love customization, I'm super bad at CSS now I have killed off so many of my braincells lmao but oh well, i'm far more than smart enough to argue with some of the worser people who inhabit this website but this is a nice refreshing popular journal (+tf2 icon hheey)

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raggedy ann dolly pfp!! Haii!!

by ⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧ Manhunter⋆୨୧⋆ ˚。⋆; ; Report


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Omg ty ^_^

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yw!! bee tee wee, luv ur profile!!

by ⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧ Manhunter⋆୨୧⋆ ˚。⋆; ; Report

tysm <33

by Sally_ALT; ; Report

paraps / bunsen !!

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YESSS THANK YOU FOR THIS!! i love stamps and blinkies so much man

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TYSMM <333

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jar <3

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*★,°*:.☆.★* 。DARK SCENE LEMON PIE x33 !!!

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I LUV U <3333 !!!!!

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god bless you

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Theo (or Avey)

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thank you!!

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tysm for this!! :D

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by (luna)-tic; ; Report


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thanks a lot for this

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