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"Thinking ab victor grantz"

16, any pronouns besides they, need to fix profile😒😒😒

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Category: Friends

I went to homecoming yesterday it was sooo fun,,, my friends tried teaching me el payaso rodeo and failed,,, one day I’ll get it man I just really need to learn my lefts and rights. I felt so sad i missed out when they started playing it I should’ve just jumped in smh….  I SWEAR I KNOW HOW IT GOES I JUST CANT THE TURNS THROW ME OFF GRGRGRHHRRH. Anywyas i slow danced with my friends and stuff it wa... » Continue Reading

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Woa hi…

Category: Blogging

Afte like 3 months…….. I am back helleo how’s everyone beeennnn,,,,, lots have changed since I left I sm homeschool now! That is fun and all my interests are exactly the same πŸ™πŸ™Im gnn try to be more active here again ok byebye I love u » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

I rlly WNANA be active here in my blog tbh but my life is boring,,,, I’m in class RN I just took a nap nywayz,,, I just drew my fursona is it weird to post art here cus I kinda wanna show y’all I like how it came out πŸ™πŸ™ » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

HIIII!!! HELLO NEW FRIENDZ!!1!1!1! » Continue Reading

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