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"My gender is violence"

Sam/Zero/Aurelio, 15, They/it, Agender, Omnisexual, Greyromantic

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Category: Life

Summers almost here and im currently grounded from the internet at my home so i may go on a hiatus for a while until the next school year. » Continue Reading

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6 month anniversery!

Category: Life

yesterday (april 5th, 2022) Marks me and my boyfriend Elijah's 6 month anniversery of dating! we started dating October 5th, 2021, and it is going strong. Im finally starting to feel loved in my life! » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

No one: Me: *Remembers Dr. Strangeglove from moshi monsters* Also me: *remembers 5-6 year old me simped for him. romantically of course* Also also me: *Simpage is revived* also also ALSO me: Damn it, brain. » Continue Reading

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TW: Vent, Mentions of deadnaming

Category: Life

*vent post incoming* i got deadnamed repeatedly today by a girl in my 1st period class. i kept correcting her, but she insists on using my dead name because """""""""ShE fOrGoT"""""""""""" when I litERALLY KEPT HAVING TO CORRECT DORY OVER HERE EVERY 30 SECONDS!!! I AM  DONE  WITH EVERYONE HERE !!(minus you guys and my bf of course!) I THINK I FINALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT "BREAK STUFF" BY LIMP BIZKIT IS... » Continue Reading

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Rest in peace

Category: Life

Today would mark the 6th anniversery of my father and eldest brother's deaths due to homicide. may you forever rest and peace. Jason A.M 1972-2016 Jacob E.M 1998-2016 » Continue Reading

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