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vent migration

Category: SpaceHey

hello hello friends new and old! my name is ryan, i was known on the app vent as feiix/maxldent before the shutdown! i've chosen to move to spacehey following this event, hoping i can meet new friends and convince old friends to join me on this endeavor! i'm very excited to meet you all and reunite with everyone if things go well! i have no clue how active i will be yet seeing as i might mainly us... » Continue Reading

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it lives!

Category: Blogging

heyyo !! to all my vent friends .. will you be sticking with the app now that jamie is trying to keep it around?? will you be leaving it? i'm curious to know how you all feel about the way he's handling it... anywho, i'm getting over a really bad cold. i have work tomorrow but i'm thinking about getting some writing done tonight. that's what i'm up to. what about you guys? i hope ur all having a g... » Continue Reading

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checking in

Category: Friends

i'm about to go to sleep; i have a long day tomorrow... it's truck delivery/inventory stock day, and then i have to do more management training. but, how are you all holding up? vent is going down tomorrow, so i welcome you all to just talk and discuss how you feel about it! not only that, how are you feeling in general? i'd love to hear from all my new friends. how's it going? » Continue Reading

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