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Ikigusare idols - Injection girl music

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

it doesn't autoplay, but when the user goes onto the profile it plays, but like when the song ends it doesn't anymore. @import url('https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Libre+Franklin:ital, » Continue Reading

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about me

Category: Blogging

to learn more abt me click the highlighted text down below. link to know about me waay more better lol » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

why are there proshippers, or like anything around that area.  ppl shipping KIDS with ADULTS.even if it is to help u, ITS BAD. you can find any other things to cope other then shipping elizabeth and WILLIAM??????? SAME AS SHIPPING HERO X KEL?? THATS DISGUSTING. if ur a proshipper do not talk to me ! PLEASE !! I do not like proshipping at all.  if u don't rlly understand proshippings here's a defin... » Continue Reading

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drama from my school

Category: Life

this guy, lets call him "B". I got spacehey to write out drama so other can see. B touched me without my consent and called himself a "good doggy" and lies about having depression and abt his mom being dead, and i cut ties with him. then after a while he then went onto my pinterest and talked to my online friend through there and told my online friend things abt me and said "well ig ill go die now... » Continue Reading

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