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any pronouns because i Do Not Care

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Category: Life

we all know Nazism is a disease but I didn't know they were that stupid... they have all these "secret" dogwhistles and theyre the most OBVIOUS thing ever like ill see someone with "88" in their bio say "Never lose your smile" and they think theyre sooooooooo slick like ok mate youre 9 shut the fuck up you haven't even been taught what the holocaust was in school yet the only Nazis I have met irl ... » Continue Reading

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i have never been a good blogger

Category: Blogging

for some reason i used to click on blog websites and scroll through them all day i never liked the idea of blogging because i felt nobody needed to hear what happened to me as they probably would not care but just reading other peoples blogs was so entertaining because it demonstrated that real humans we see in our world live behind these digital faces and that just really relaxes me » Continue Reading

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html floods into brain

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

my experience of having a website designer friend let me have a go is paying off and I have buttons now » Continue Reading

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shud up

Category: SpaceHey

sharkfan52 angry when it comes to discrimination I will fucking bite you if you participate in queer discourse by taking the piss out of harmless identities It does not matter if someone identifies as an aroace bisexual lesbian and uses water/fire/air/earth pronouns It does not harm anyone and homophobes will hate us no matter who we make fun of » Continue Reading

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im new

Category: SpaceHey

hi some of you have profiles that explode on IE » Continue Reading

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