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Art Fight hitlist!

Category: Art and Photography

Feel free to fill it out! https://forms.gle/1dbJ3xQmrPFpYrca7 » Continue Reading

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My ArtFight

Category: Art and Photography

in case anyone's joining ArtFight this year, here's my account: https://artfight.net/~Kuma_Chan Feel free to leave yours in the comments aha » Continue Reading

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loz botw

Category: Games

after 1 year of postponing the fight with Ganon, I finally did it, I defeated  him heehoo It was pretty easy...as speculated from others' comments it wasn't CRAZY easy, but I still don't know why he was easier to defeat than lynels lol but anyway it was just perfect for someone who panics like crazy before a boss battle, so 10/10 from me  » Continue Reading

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I'm very

Category: Blogging

I'm very strict about rules und discipline . - Austria » Continue Reading

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big L to

Category: Blogging

those who smoke week , do drugs and shit like that, you're not cool see a therapist maybe? » Continue Reading

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Meeeeerry Christmas!! (BNHA fanart)

Category: Art and Photography

here he is! (pls don't mention ccxhawks or ocxhawks) » Continue Reading

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