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"sittin in my room talkin to tha little people in my computer.."

20 & black with bpd. INFP-T. any pronouns !

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DNI, BYF, and all that jazz!

Category: Blogging

Do Not Interact: racists, pedophiles, shota/lolicons, whatever. obv this isn't a safespace for you, and i don't want to be your friend. take that to stormfront or keep it in your weirdo telegram/discord/matrix server. generally hateful or mean spirited people i straight up won't add you. people who get off to being """problematic""" or edgy are not welcome here. anyone under 17 or over 29! no offe... » Continue Reading

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my most recent roblox cosplays

Category: Games

i made a whole bunchh but these 2 were my favorites! ill probably post all my other ones later down the line. i had to store them in avatar catalog creator cus i have too many outfits loll » Continue Reading

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my only complaint with this site..

Category: SpaceHey

there should ABSOLUTELY be a way to filter minors on this site, why did I come across a 12 year old?? there should be an age option in the site's fields and allow us to block us contact from them. » Continue Reading

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