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"yet so vain is man, and so blinded by his vanity,"

15, sad and trans

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reasons why you should block and report indy

Category: News and Politics

1. bully 2. i just dont like her 3. is part of the ELL GEE BEE TEE CUE 4. calls me SLURS dont actually do it you should friend indy shes awesome » Continue Reading

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let's talk about it: depression (trigger warning for suicidal ideation and self-harm)

Category: Life

hello, there. today we are gonna talk about major depressive disorder, more commonly known as depression. depression is a common disorder with many types, though today we are talking about clinical depression. it is characterized by a persistent feeling of sadness, though it is not just sadness. there is no specific "look" for depression, but here is what it CAN look like. some symptoms are: lack ... » Continue Reading

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every day im gonna add 3 songs

Category: Music

jan 16 moonsickness — penelope scott flutter — julie (i may or may not have gotten my name from this band) bad habit — the dresden dolls ———— jan 17 icicles — the scary jokes f song — strawberry guy  by your side — flatsound ———— jan 18 ancient dreams in a modern land — marina rolling out the red carpet — hail the sun bet my blood — pretty sick ———— jan 19 osozaki girl — jun togawa when you sleep ... » Continue Reading

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