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let's talk about it: depression (trigger warning for suicidal ideation and self-harm)

hello, there. today we are gonna talk about major depressive disorder, more commonly known as depression. depression is a common disorder with many types, though today we are talking about clinical depression. it is characterized by a persistent feeling of sadness, though it is not just sadness. there is no specific "look" for depression, but here is what it CAN look like. some symptoms are:

lack of hygiene and motivation

apathy/low empathy and/or sympathy

social isolation

loss of interest in activities

mood swings

changes in sleep or insomnia


anxious or upset behavior

there are multiple other symptoms, but these are ones that are more 'common'. depression can greatly effect someone. it can cause them to harm themselves or even kill themself or at least attempt to. now, here is what to do if a loved one opens up about the fact that they have depression or might have it:

do not pressure them to say more. if they want to say more about it, they will on their own. in fact, pressuring them makes it less likely for them to tell you.

if they do tell you more, try to make them feel safe, be careful with their feelings.

if you want to check on them, don't try to force it out of them.

even if depression is common, it is something that should be taken very seriously. if you are considering suicide, try to talk to someone, but wait until you are ready to and make sure that it is someone you can trust.

edit: sorry for not updating this week!!!!!!!! i forgot :(

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im gonna be honest and i felt like i had depression because something happened and i suddenly had low hygiene and motaviation (idk how to spell that help) and i had low empathy and i also kept waking up in the middle of the night and it was so hard to fall asleep.

Im not self diagonsing myself ever but i feel like i was slowly become depressed a bit but then i started healing so thats good but anyways thank you for talking about this, a lot of people talk about this but still its important to help and try our best to make them happy yk

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I'll drink to that

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