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recs for any type of movie/tv/cartoons

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

send me a bunch of recs for media i can go over and talk about i might make a video about it or a blog maybe both but I like kids content and horror and pretty much all media so just give me things youd like someone to go over thx babes byyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee » Continue Reading

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My opinion on The House 2022 on netflix

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

first of all spoilers duh. second OMG THIS WAS AMAZING the whole time i was like whats happening and thats good i never expected what was going to happen next. okay im going to split it into 3 parts akin to how the movie is and my opinions on thoses parts ONEEEEEE Okay so the first part was my least fav it was just very slow and when stuff started happening it felt kinda rushed it was still fricke... » Continue Reading

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i need good scary stories/games/movie recs

Category: Blogging

 Heyo i NEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDD horror recs im dying without some good spooks so please rec some to me in the comments no matter how old this is and i might write a bit about it if its good » Continue Reading

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