My opinion on The House 2022 on netflix

first of all spoilers duh.

second OMG THIS WAS AMAZING the whole time i was like whats happening and thats good i never expected what was going to happen next. okay im going to split it into 3 parts akin to how the movie is and my opinions on thoses parts


Okay so the first part was my least fav it was just very slow and when stuff started happening it felt kinda rushed it was still fricken cooolllll thooo sooooo yeaa. The choice of felt was amazing and even tho it restricted facial expressions it was obivous how they were feeling this one id argue had some of my fav voice acting in this movie. i love how the husband was slowly becoming obssessed with the fire and the wife with the clothing and the child just hating it. and when they got the ugly clothes and then became what the clothes looks like. and how all the servents were like going crazy amazing. not the best bit of the movie but i did enjoy it. but what i enjoyed even more was the house in 2 being the same as the doll house. but anyway onto the next bit.


okay this one was amazing i hated it so much but in a good way. This is the funniest one but also the bugs yuk. first of all before i get into the main bit i wanna talk about the shock that the 'darling' that he was talking to was his dentist that was funny af. okay now for the meat of this bit. when we see the bugs it was so gross like that freaks me out like khjbfnhjcfskjdfkl ewwwwww ya know. when everything goes wrong before the showing of the house and when everything is finally situated all the people hes trying to sell the house too being unintrested and rude like ive never wanted to punch a child rat till today. and when somone is intrested they just so happen to look like the bugs. then they wont leave and invite their family like its an infestation. and then he goees crazy in the filth and starts acting like an actual rat and gives up on fighting.


the last one with the cats is like amazing. her trying so hard to fix the house and being upset and in need of money when shes trying to repair the house. and her getting annoyed whith the tennents and the lasdies bf being like a hippie and ruining her day. this ones pretty simple and ends happiley i like it. the bugs r still present which is an amazing detail. but when the water gets clear and her mood improves amazing. and when everyone leaves she relizes she doesnt want to be alone. so she pulls the leaver and her home transforms into a boat and she sees her friends and they ride off together. thats basically the end

Rating 7/10
probs wouldnt watch again but it was super good
i would def recomened watching it
people were talking about how desturbing it was. it wasnt not even really scary more of suspenseful
anyway it was good

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