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getting silly tn

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

working on being silly tn. it will be so fun. i love pitch perfect and im thinking about that rn bc im listening to bulletproof which is such a good song. wild irish rose is ass. like actual bootycheeks. ttyl » Continue Reading

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wtf am i doing

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

i don’t know what exactly i’m doing right now but i have to do something so here i am. i have tk find a better title for my research paper bc my teacher doesn’t want a lame and boring one. this sucks. i need money bc i going through a new fashion phase again. this time it’s girly cute but kinda psycho yk. anyways the shirts that the girls sell are super cute and i found some stuff on amazon too wh... » Continue Reading

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Been a while

Category: Blogging

hey been a while. lots has happened but honestly it doesn’t matter bc it’s all for the plot. bottom line men suck and i hate all of them but also i want attention so i will slut myself out for it. i look hot tdy so it’s all good and i am doing absolutely nothing tdy which is also awesome ☆ » Continue Reading

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Right now

Category: Blogging

i honestly love doing the mental health edgenuity like thanks for letting me just sit there and do nothing for half a period » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

I realized earlier that if im already dying and i only take 2 ap classes now then im going to die even harder next year when im taking 3 classes and 1 extra test. how the hell do people take all ap classes like this is actually ridiculous i am not having a fun time :( » Continue Reading

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