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Category: Life

I never usually sick but ever since I loved to Mexico City I've had stomach problems. Clearly it's my fault though. All I have been doing is eating street food. It's easy to get. It's cheaper. I'ts delicious AND it's everywhere. Cooking my own meals is what I should be doing though.  The the first thing the doctor told me was, "Welcome to Mexico City. Everyone who moves here gets sick because your... » Continue Reading

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I died when I was 8

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

I had a dream where it was revealed to me that I actually died when I was 8 by getting shot by accident by another kid and that my whole adult life was a lie because I hadn’t actually lived it and my ghost self had made it up because I didn’t realized I had died as a kid. Wtf. 👻 Woke up questioning my existence.  Maybe I should start my dream journal again.  :root{ --gray: #73CDA7; /* post back » Continue Reading

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I went camping

Category: Life

This weekend I went camping with some friends. It's a place called La Biosfera del Cielo and it's located in Tamaulipas, Mexico.  It took us 2 hours to get here! The road there was so bumpy because the road you have to take there is i » Continue Reading

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So many young people on Spacehey

Category: Blogging

I made my account on Spacehey after I saw someone on my Facebook posted about it. I used to live on Myspace when I was in high school so I made my account because I felt nostalgic and thought it would allow me to meet more people who loved myspace back in the day. It's crazy to me how much this website looks like the original Myspace website!  To my surprise, I actually see a lot of young teenager... » Continue Reading

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Moving to Mexico City

Category: Life

  Moving to Mexico City is going to be one of the biggest decisions I have ever made. The only other time I was there was in December of 2019 (before the world ended) when I went to see Christina Aguilera's X Tour. I loved the city because of the food and all the » Continue Reading

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