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One deep breath probably saved my job last night...

Category: Life

It's a half an hour til closing, I'm on a front register, and a familiar face comes through the automatic doors. "Where the fuck is Tom?!?!" I expected a smile to creep across her face at first. We Natives tend to have a playful sense of humor and mess with each other a lot...  But no smile. More, now obviously drunkenly slurred, demands for Tom. (Who Tom is isn't really important for this story..... » Continue Reading

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♪"How do I feel this good sober?"♪ ~P!nk (TW/CW: Addiction-Alcoholism)

Category: Life

First time I got drunk I was 12. I drank before that, but I guess it took a few tries to get it right. It was crazy easy to get when you had friends who had parents who drank. By the time I got to high school, I figured out there were also people who didn't mind buying for minors. I'd get a liter of soda, down half, and fill the rest with vodka... Sipped on that the first few classes, finishing it... » Continue Reading

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I Can't Explain, but I Can Find a Song that Can...

Category: Music

"A playlist will tell you more about a girl than she ever will..." Well, I'm kind of an attention whore, so IDK... HAHAHA... I like making playlists. I have one, "Ultraymyxx" that's over 30 hours long, lol... Then I have another that's kind of a housecleaning, energizing, get-shit-done kind of list that's mostly 80s and hip-hop called "Uppenattem." And another with nothing but two of my favorite b... » Continue Reading

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I wrote this when Jagged Little Pill turned 25 last summer...

Category: Music

    JLP is officially 25. Holy hell. An album that came along at the perfect time, when I, when MANY of us were still trying to figure shit out. Trying to figure ourselves out, and our places in the world...Then here comes Alanis, putting words to our teenage/young adult angst...    Personally, this album couldn't have come at a better time... I was coming to terms with a lot of things about mysel... » Continue Reading

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Sophia Urista & Brass Against cover RATM "Take the Power Back"

Category: Music

When I was a teen, Rage Against the Machine helped me find a voice for the anger I felt as a tormented young Native gay woman with a huge chip on her shoulder... Hearing Sophia nail the FUCK out of this song in her powerful female voice takes this song to a whole new level for me, personally. » Continue Reading

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