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How is everyone so good at code rn 😂

Category: Art and Photography

I thought I was more tech savvy than this but boy was I wrong. Every time I feel like I'm getting somewhere I end up adding some dumb code that un does something else... eeehh does CSS work better on here than html? How is everyone getting their backgrounds to show through the middle? you guys are impressive. KUDOS.   I will get something to fall from my profile, if it's the last thing I do! UPDAT... » Continue Reading

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Category: Art and Photography

1. Last place you were? The dentist :( Turns out I grind my teeth » Continue Reading

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When I was 14 my x-bf deleted my MySpace

Category: Art and Photography

my name was Xxrainb0wChildxX (or something super cool like that) and I had MAD code. There'd be falling rainbow stars, rainbow gifs, music, the works. I had like 8k + friends and it was my entire life.. every day I'd come home from 8th grade and update the pages of code... until one fateful day when I didn't log out of my soon to be ex boyfriends computer and he completely deleted everything, I'm ... » Continue Reading

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One picture????!!

Category: Art and Photography

Wait, so we only get one picture?? Maybe one day we can buy a special NOW5 CD or whatever it was at Sam Goody and enter the code to get FIVE pictures on here... anyone remember that? no? just me? hahah well anyway, good to be back *looks for emojis and realizes this is hard* » Continue Reading

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