One picture????!!

Wait, so we only get one picture?? Maybe one day we can buy a special NOW5 CD or whatever it was at Sam Goody and enter the code to get FIVE pictures on here... anyone remember that? no? just me? hahah well anyway, good to be back *looks for emojis and realizes this is hard*

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Lord Byron Silverhand

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Ah yes, Sam Goody! Pretty sure that's where I bought my first CD (Third Eye Blind's self-titled) with $10 from my sister XD

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Jolie Rouge!

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Makes sense! I'm happy they did it, this place is awesome. Can't wait to see how it develops :)

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Chris Seraphim

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It says they are "working on it" - I think it's relatively new, some very young person recreated the OG myspace, but I don't think they've finished the entire coding yet. I want at least my 8 pics! haha.

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