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1. Last place you were?
The dentist :( Turns out I grind my teeth and need a night guard. 

2. Place you wish you were right now?
right where I am! Just maybe not in a pandemic. 

3. last thing you ate?
I haven't eaten anything and it's almost 7pm.. probably a cheese stick last night.

4. Shoes you are wearing:

5. mountains, beach, or meadow- where would you rather go:
A meadow, the beach and mountains seem exhausting, mountains over beach though. 

6. Favorite animal:
My kitty Luna

7. Favorite food:
Idk lobster? These days artichokes. 

8. Favorite drink:
coconut water maybe

9. Hottest celebrity:
Ricky Nelson

10. Favorite anime:

11. Favorite movie:
Hard Candy

12. favorite xmas gift you have ever gotten:
a lot of weed 

13. what happened this year that made you happy:
I bought an apartment!!!!

14. where you live:
Right across the Hudson River in NJ, I can see the World Trade Center from bed. 

15. favorite candy:
yummm candy, idk twizzlers? I know that's probably an unpopular choice and yes I do like chewing on plastic. 

16. A fear:
anything social

17. Another fear:

18. how rain makes you feel:
cold and wet

19. love:
my fiance Dave

20. what you want for your birthday:
nothing, don't get me anything. 

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Lord Byron Silverhand

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Can I steal this? I'm in a mood to start doing surveys again :3 saw a few passing by in the bulletin board but I wasn't able to get to them.

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Of course!

by Jolie Rouge!; ; Report

Olive Oyl

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I recently found out I grind my teeth too :(

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Jolie Rouge!

Jolie Rouge!'s profile picture

@Prince Darien - I KNOW RIGHT?! THANK YOU!!! yes steal away I love reading people's surveys :)

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♔ Prince Darien

♔ Prince Darien's profile picture

DUDE. Hard Candy is a severly underrated classic. Also Elliot Page is a phenomenal actor. He amazing in Umbrella Academy !


I am stealing this survey haha

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