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Shower tales

Category: Writing and Poetry

Shower tales  If only this shower head would tell on me How I take advantage of him ever so well He would make you cum By describing what we do in detail Fuck an erection Because it's vibrations hit just the right spot Giving me that tingling sensation Wait,  hold up it must be a woman The way it knows all my distinct locations Where my knee buckling triggers are hidden Not many men know that clas... » Continue Reading

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A poem about my profile pic

Category: Writing and Poetry

My head is huge Not that I'm so full of myself expression of a "big head" No my head is literally big But it fits me Because with these huge lips a smaller head just wouldn't do 🤣🤣🤣🤣 » Continue Reading

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A poem from a mom..

Category: Writing and Poetry

I have two of the same blessing That couldn't be any more different I can dress you alike Even with similar features You have totally different opinions I love it I love you I enjoy every minute Favorite colors One Blue and Purple The other Pink and Rainbow Mutually you love Golden And correct me when I tell you it's gold Unicorns are awesome And so are super heroes I have one dance machine And a ... » Continue Reading

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Yea something like that...

Category: Writing and Poetry

How can I feel so alone when I wake up to a phone full of texts Truth is I would feel more vulnerable if I sit here and respond to them Anxiety steps into the game when I have to go through every message My response will play a crucial role So crucial it'll determine how the recipient will view me Allowing them to decide if I'm worth a reply Putting the ball in their court Always opens up the risk... » Continue Reading

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Category: Writing and Poetry

She's there Alone Alone and awake A victim plagued with insomnia I couldn't tell you the last time she slept It had to be unknowingly Slumber had to catch her off guard Crept up like a thief in the night And shut down all points of imagination Because that's what gets her going Thoughts, words, music, poems  Instant vibrations Shoot through her Summoning waters to flow heavier than rain It's hard ... » Continue Reading

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