Shower tales

Shower tales 

If only this shower head would tell on me

How I take advantage of him ever so well

He would make you cum

By describing what we do in detail

Fuck an erection

Because it's vibrations hit just the right spot

Giving me that tingling sensation

Wait,  hold up it must be a woman

The way it knows all my distinct locations

Where my knee buckling triggers are hidden

Not many men know that classified information

But me and her we have a very passionate situationship

I could love her all night long if she didn't turn cold on me

Sometimes the chill is ok

But she knows I love it hot

Without boundaries 

I want her to drip all over me

She is the only way I get dirty 

while becoming clean

I would never turn her down

Unless it's upside and between my thighs

I swear the things we do would have people looking at me differently

But this stays between us...

And the curtain watching lol

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Arius's profile picture

I was literally just talking ten seconds ago about shower fantasies with someone and came here to find this salacious, brilliant little poem. It feels like serendipity!

Who among us has not discovered the secret pleasure of a detachable shower head?

I love this and look forward to reading more of your stuff.

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Sardonic The Hedgehog

Sardonic The Hedgehog's profile picture

I, uh, ahem, I think I have the wrong number.

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Aww come on. This was the lucky number

by Jane Doe; ; Report

I was initially caught off guard, but I laughed out loud because I picked this of like what, ten or fifteen options?

by Sardonic The Hedgehog; ; Report

yes there's 15 options total. I'm actually shocked how many picked this one. I was only expecting one or two. However, I'm loving the outcome. Stay and look around. Read more lol

by Jane Doe; ; Report

Jody Marie ♡

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Ayeeee!!! SPICYYY!!! 🌶 Great poem!

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Lol thank you!

by Jane Doe; ; Report

You're welcome!

by Jody Marie ♡; ; Report


Möbus's profile picture

I was not expecting this. Good humour.

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by Jane Doe; ; Report

Jon 🐇

Jon 🐇's profile picture

*gulp* gonna go check something in the other room, brb, nice poem btw ;)

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Aww Jon you picked my link lol I had to delete the post and do it again. Lol I have to add someone else.

by Jane Doe; ; Report