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Oh lordt--

Category: Blogging

Honestly. I Forgot that SpaceHey was a thing and had to did through Layne's FB posts to remember what the hell's name this website is lmao. I guess I should start nudging friends about remembering this is here. » Continue Reading

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Life and Loss

Category: Life

3/23/23 As I get older, I seem to be reflecting more and more on the mortality of ..well, myself. And with that, my children- my pets. I refer to my pets as my children, because they're more than just pets to me. I chose to adopt each one. And i've loved and doted on each one as if they were my own. Me and my partner have no intention to have children of our own, let alone adopt another human bein... » Continue Reading

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New Social? Im all about it!

Category: Blogging

FB has definitely gone too.. monetized. I remember when the social media platform was just SIMPLE. You're online, your friends are there, and you can comment on eachother's stuff. With the modern platforms today, I don't CARE to see targeted advertisements, or 3rd party blogs on getting rid of warts, or even local news in Ohio about cow-tipping. I just. I want a space. A small space where my frien... » Continue Reading

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