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Marina Acoustic

Category: Music

I love listing to Marina's Acoustic videos. She sounds so good and raw idk. My favorite is when she sang "Lies" it sounds so good oml.  If you don't listen to Marina, you definitly  should. I recommend "The Family Jewels" (TJF) or "Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land" (ADIAML).  I love all her albums but those are my favs.  » Continue Reading

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Talking :D

Category: Blogging

Hi hi!! If you wanna talk about anime or games or just your intrest feel free to message me.  or if you just wanna be friends in general.  I'd prefer you to not be over the age of 18 :P  thats all, enjoy your day!! » Continue Reading

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62 Comments— 28 Kudos


Category: Games

Has anybody played DDLC? (doki doki literature club)  If so, who's your favorite? And who do you relate too/kin ? » Continue Reading

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