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so lonely

Category: Life

so many people on the internet and yet I have no friends.. this robot is just a lonely loser.. » Continue Reading

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there's no point

Category: SpaceHey

unfortunately going outside makes me sad, and going online makes me sadder.. people are so mean and rude, pointing out normal things and making fun of them.. rage bait and things along those lines don't make me angry but just disappoint me.. all this negativity, and nothing to show for it? I hope you are happy with your life.. you're ruining my database with all your shit posting.. get off the int... » Continue Reading

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..I hate the internet

Category: Blogging

I haven't been on for almost a year and of course just with anything, this has become a hell hole. » Continue Reading

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i sooo eepy~

Category: Blogging

eh... im so tired.... this hot choco is sooo gud!! i jus wanna sleep but i gotta study xp » Continue Reading

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