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702 area code, 14yrs old , introvert, usa!

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🐹 poopoo

Category: Blogging

hi guysysysysysy sosoosososoooooo i havent been on here for a while n imma try to be more active >u < also i got a new bf omggggg anyway uh imma get a new pc n like idk if its gonna be good so im scared that when it gets here its gonna work like shit.. 🐹 n im movig schools n its gonna have a uniform so idk how to rlly style it bc i cant wear a lot of things but i dont wanna be uncomfy and look goo... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

brobrobro ok so like im putting this on here because im not supposed to like this boy and he dated my friends.. but like i like him a lot and hes making me smile so much he makes me so happy but the thing is is that hes a player and like idk what to do cause i think he might just be playing meeeee, ughh. and he has wizz (pretty much a dating app for teenagers) and idk he prolly has a lot of hoes. ... » Continue Reading

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my opinions on love

Category: Life

I wish i lived in an era where love was real, nowadays love is just a word said on the first day on meeting someone new and the person saying it never really means it. From experience i know that boys and girls will just say they love you to make you feel better and make you feel wanted and i dont think thats right. When i say i love a person most of the time i mean that i care about them a lot an... » Continue Reading

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— 3 Kudos

if you film me while i suck it you could be a super star!! :3

Category: Blogging

hey hey im literally so bored rn im literally gonna kms. and bro i tried pupusas for the first time theyre so fucking gross im gonna throw up istg » Continue Reading

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