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my opinions on love

I wish i lived in an era where love was real, nowadays love is just a word said on the first day on meeting someone new and the person saying it never really means it. From experience i know that boys and girls will just say they love you to make you feel better and make you feel wanted and i dont think thats right. When i say i love a person most of the time i mean that i care about them a lot and like them a lot and this doesn't have to be romantic sometimes i mean it with platonic intentions. With the boys i've met, they say "i love you" to make you attached. This is a manipulation tactic not a lot of people realize at first, i'm pretty sure its called love bombing. But when you really love a person its gonna take you more time to tell them you do, you're gonna take time to realize you do, and you're gonna feel a certain way when you feel love for them. The sad thing is, people in this generation dont feel real love more than most of the time. And after saying you love someone it feels like you need to be with them for eternity. Even if you dont like the person, after you say the words "i love you" theres gonna be a bond after you two stop talking and realize you should've never said that because you didn't mean it. Anyway, love isnt real anymore and if it is i really wish someone could prove it to me.

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