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Im so happy (not)

Category: Blogging

I have friends now so i can spread the love of spacehey to everyone  » Continue Reading

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stuck in this hell hole

Category: Blogging

right so im sitting here in this fuckin class room, ass out, bussy dripping (lmfao jk), and im so fucking bored its like sometimes i think i would rather become a fucking garbage man then carry out to do this for the next 9 years of my fucking life.  Then again i would rather cry in a Lexus then on a bike  » Continue Reading

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2 Week Anniversary jhoes

Category: Blogging

woah ive been here for like 2 weeks omg  » Continue Reading

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One Week Anniversary Bitches!!!

Category: Blogging

lol yeah ive been here for a whole week im like so special  » Continue Reading

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SpaceHey not working smh smh

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

So imagine being me, I have a period accurate iPhone 2G on iOS 3.1.2 that I would kill to post from. Shit wouldn't even load smh Now I'm on a iPhone 4S on iOS 6.1.3 which screams 2012 rather then 2007 which is so sad because instead of using Safari I have to use Chrome like the dirty commoner I am this website should have more support » Continue Reading

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Top 10 Reasons Why Nixon is hot

Category: Life

1. He always looks uncomfortable in every single photo that exists of him  2. *see No.1 for reference* 3. *see No.1 for reference* 4. *see No.1 for reference* 5. *see No.1 for reference* 6. *see No.1 for reference* 7. *see No.1 for reference* 8. *see No.1 for reference* 9. *see No.1 for reference* 10. deffo, 100%, undisputable evidence, that he defo had a boner for the enviroment  » Continue Reading

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