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"billy quinn's girlfriend."


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ᓚ₍ ^. .^₎⋆˚✿˖° intro

Category: Blogging

in case you haven't read my carrd (linked in my profile under 'website'). ⧣₊˚﹒✦₊  ⧣₊˚  𓂃★    ⸝⸝ ⧣₊˚﹒✦₊  ⧣₊˚       /)    /)     (。•ㅅ•。)〝₎₎ Intro ! ✦₊ ˊ˗  . .╭∪─∪────────── ✦ ⁺. . .┊ ◟﹫ Name : Kaleigh . .┊﹒𐐪 Age : 18 . .┊ꜝꜝ﹒Pronouns : she/her . .┊ ⨳゛Sexuality : bisexual . .┊ ◟ヾ Likes : my bf, kimchi pancakes, the color grey, overcast weather, type o negative, old white men (harrison ford), online sh... » Continue Reading

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Shut up.

Category: SpaceHey

can you all SHUT UP. i'm so sick of callout blogs over trivial shit. okay, whatever, this person called you a mean name. what are you gonna do? materialize on their doorstep and demand they apologize? like damn can we hear about your day or something? man. » Continue Reading

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i love sam monroe

Category: Blogging

so much. i'm about to cry myself to sleep because of how much i need him. » Continue Reading

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neopronouns are stupid

Category: Life

argue it out in the comments lmao idc » Continue Reading

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