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Ask me questions about my OCs! :]

Category: Writing and Poetry

OC blog If u want 2 ask any questions that aren't on this question list feel free to do so :] 1) Something this character is truly proud of. 2) Who they want to please the most.  3) Who depends on them.  4) What they would do if they had one month to live.  5) A cherished personal belonging.  6) Something they lost, but would love to have back 7) This character’s favorite character 8) What kind of... » Continue Reading

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TFP OCs Info/TFP AU Info

Category: Writing and Poetry

Info about the Cyberbots (a alliance I created within this AU) Cyberbots are Cybertronians who run black market operations mainly for good. Only those who are also aligned with the Autobots are excused from jail time for it. The Cyberbots are mainly made up of late teen/early adult age bots and they were most successful during the war (when people needed life necessities). After the war, many of t... » Continue Reading

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