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aaahh new music x.x

Category: Music

i found some new music that i like that isn't electronic x.x ...... i listened to dogboy by zillakami today [just dropped, actually.. i always set albums aside and procrastinate listening to them for the next week or two lol] and zomggg o.o i'm shocked ... this is awesome!! i kinda listened just cus my boyfriend likes his music.. but still xd!!! not surprising that i like it because im way too dee... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

zomg. i keep forgetting i have spacehey! the add reqs are piling up x.x .... anywayz hllo!!! im back!!! i might make more posts on my blog.. but i hope i dont start posting every 2 hours .. x.x i probably will.. anyways i am being homeschooled because of covid and everything. i have more time to like listen to music and draw but sometimes it takes a rly long time to do school!!! but i can have any... » Continue Reading

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