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aaahh new music x.x

i found some new music that i like that isn't electronic x.x ...... i listened to dogboy by zillakami today [just dropped, actually.. i always set albums aside and procrastinate listening to them for the next week or two lol] and zomggg o.o i'm shocked ... this is awesome!! i kinda listened just cus my boyfriend likes his music.. but still xd!!! not surprising that i like it because im way too deep into the underground scene but wow i had never rly listened to zilla before i don't get how!! i mean as i said before i always put off listening to new music. when afourteen released his new album i didnt listen to it for like 2 months x.x .

also.. i am remembering my awful spider gang phase. i listened to, and i almost only listened to, spider gang .......i sincerely apologize to ANYONE who knew me during my spider gang phase oh my god.

i am making this go on for too long. i am going to end it here. bye bye

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LMAO fkn love spider gang tho

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