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We 🖤 people

Category: Friends

Background story: I had a best friend and we did everything together, we ran away, we summoned demons, she was my first kiss. One day in August (the 12th of August) she ended the friendship bc of her mental health. She thought about saying it to me for half a year, I'm proud of her that she said it but what happened after...that hurts.  (End of background story) __________________(ex-bsf= K) (ex-f... » Continue Reading

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School toilet

Category: Blogging

Today in my school, 5 period: I wanted to go to the school toilet and after two minutes two people came in, boy and a girl. Guess what they did! Yes they fucked but I needed to go to class so I said:" Fuck it." I flushed the toilet and ran outside.  I'm traumatised and I was flabbergasted- I hope that won't happen again! It's so weird and so eww- Who fucks IN A SCHOOLTOILET??!!! It's disgusting, l... » Continue Reading

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I hate men.

Category: Life

I feel in love and he felt the same but then.... So I started snapping with this guy and everything was awesome, he called me sweet things and made me feel loved. He said he liked me but no I'm again, the other woman. He found a girl and said he didn't want to hurt me bitch. I'm crying my heart out rn and I blocked him. I can't do this anymore. First bf no, second he was sweet but no attention....... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

The girls in my class always think they are someone so they treat everyone like trash and everyone thinks that this is okay. I slapped one in the face and said: "Girl, you can treat anyone like shit but not me. Got it?!" And then she said that I'm a whore and then I punched her nose till it bleed. And now everyone is scared of me, no one liked me before but now I have earned my respect and I love ... » Continue Reading

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