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im withdrawing my child support

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my dni list

Category: Blogging

* hey yall heres my dni list !!  * basic dni criteria, proshitters/comshitters (yall r cousins be fr), homophobes, racists, etc. * corny ass welcome home fans who make make nsfw or say " w w w wwell clown said its okay now ;0;" stay away from me freak!! * wannabe junkies who r ALSO MINORSSSS !!!!!! SEEK HELP NOW!!!! * people who glorify horrible ppl ex. murderers, racists, other horrible ppl, jus ... » Continue Reading

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to ayesha erotica stans

Category: Music

plz do nawt frq me if u actually stan that racist hoe billy i rlly cannot stand ayesha erotiflop and her bitchass transphobic/homophobic and racist yall excuses for stanning her r old and tired as hell.. like girl her morals must have been rlly fucked up bc how the FUCK did someone """"force"""" u to say the n word and other racist shit in ur songs like bitch stfu  » Continue Reading

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