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my dni list

* hey yall heres my dni list !! 

* basic dni criteria, proshitters/comshitters (yall r cousins be fr), homophobes, racists, etc.

* corny ass welcome home fans who make make nsfw or say " w w w wwell clown said its okay now ;0;" stay away from me freak!!

* wannabe junkies who r ALSO MINORSSSS !!!!!! SEEK HELP NOW!!!!

* people who glorify horrible ppl ex. murderers, racists, other horrible ppl, jus bc theyre conventionally attractive

* minors trynna be "gangsters" or "hard" jus cuz u smoke or do drugs thinking ur cool(ur not!)

* genuinely ignorant ppl who say bigoted shit not knowing what it means, then try askin me to explain...liek its 2023 you should be educated on certain things.. aint if ur not for some reason, google is free..AND SO IS URBAN DICTIONARY!!!!!

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