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"playing company lethal"

im fly, im 17, he/she, american

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some cool websites i found

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

1. Windows 98 Icon Viewer  ( -contains every single icon found on Windows 98 2. Wildflower Search ( -designed to find wildflowers, right down to the plant elevation and time of observation 3. Sadgirl Online ( -a personal site that has its own little collection of cool stuff 4. 1-800-FLORALS (ht » Continue Reading

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some underrated animals

Category: Pets and Animals

1. Olm -Olms are the physical representation of an axolotl becoming a long-forgotten ancient spirit         -They live exclusively in underwater caves and are completely blind so their other senses work really good (like sensing chemical compounds in the water type stuff)                                         -They can live to be 100 yrs old and can go 10 y e a r s without food 2. Opossum -The o... » Continue Reading

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