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some cool websites i found

1. Windows 98 Icon Viewer 


-contains every single icon found on Windows 98

2. Wildflower Search


-designed to find wildflowers, right down to the plant elevation and time of observation

3. Sadgirl Online


-a personal site that has its own little collection of cool stuff

4. 1-800-FLORALS


-a place to buy flowers, there is also an option to send "Virtual Flowers" (aka a little email you can send that has a picture of flowers attached w/ a personal message) me and my gf use it often



-a virtual desktop

6. Just The Recipe


-gets rid of all the extra popups when youre looking at a recipe

7. The Deep Sea


- a virtual representation of the deep sea and some of the creatures that live within it

8. Cowboy Frank


- Cowboy Frank

9. Slightly Burnt Toast


- im not really sure

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